At musicians stop we believe that all major forms of music must be available for students to learn. Depending on their interest and passion they can chose any genre they like to learn. We provide best and well-informed classes in the following genre of music.


Jazz originated in the late nineteenth century in the US. As jazz spread from US to the other parts of the world it gave rist to many distinctive styles. Some of the well-known jazz styles are Gypsy jazz, Afro-Cuban jazz, New Orleans jazz, Latin jazz and so on. It is difficult to define Jazz music but one of the key elements of this genre of music is improvisation. Major intruments used in jazz music are Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Clarinet, Trombone, Vibraphone & Organ


Funk originated in the mid-late 1960s. It is a mixture of soul music, jazz & R&B, kind of music that is rhythemic and danceable. Its distinct element is the strong rhythmic groove of electric bass and drums. The emphasis is on the beat and rhythm. Major intruments used in funk music are bass & electric guitars, drums, piano, clavinet, horns and congas.


Blues originated in the African-American community in the United States at the end of 19th Century. It is characterised by simple stories of spiritual realm, work, shouts, chants and ballads. Blues form is also characterised by chord progression and the twelve-bar blues is the most common today. The blue notes are generally flattened or bent to produced that specific sound characteristic of blues music. Harmonica, guitar, drums, saxophone and trumpet are some of the major instruments used in blues.


Rock & Roll originated in the US in the 1950s and is the most popular form of music among the youth around the world. Rock music gave rise to rock stars in the 60s, a period of classic rock music. It has served as a vehicle for cultural, social and political movements. Rock 'sound' is centered on the electric guitar supported by an electric bass and drums. Keyboards, piano and other instruments been included as complimentary intruments in rock music.