Rock School Graded Exams


Rockschool is the leading accredited provider of rock & pop exams worldwide. Through Musiciansstop you can opt for Graded Music Exams in the principal rock instruments from rockschool, London


Trinity College Graded Exams


We offer Graded Exams from Trinity College, London for all intruments and vocal tranings. All Trinity College London examiners are professional musicians, and they take special care to make candidates feel relaxed in the examination room, creating a positive environment for you to demonstrate your talents to your full potential.

Internal Exams/Assessment

Advanced guitar course students have to appear for the internal assessment conducted after every 8 weeks (regardless of the external exams they might be appearing for) and it is compulsory to appear for the assessments,the pass marks of which is 40%.

For the beginner and the intermediate students the internal assessment is not compulsory.

Mock Tests

We conduct impromptu mock test at times to check how the student is doing. It also helps us to assess our faculty