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    Musicians Stop’s mission is to provide the highest quality instruction in music and the related arts to children and adults, regardless of age, background or ability. Highly credentialed and dedicated faculties, help students achieve artistic, educational and social goals.

    We inspire, encourage and equip our students to succeed by delivering relevant and innovative education of the highest quality.

    We are committed to building a positive team and a supportive environment.

    We are creative, innovative and open minded.

    We take pride in achieving the highest quality in all we do.

    We believe in equal opportunities for all.

    Artist Development Programme


    M S’ program is designed to be equally meaningful for those of average ability and those with exceptional talent. While most M S’ students pursue their studies for personal enrichment, a significant number go on to professional level of performance and careers.

    By introducing and partnering you with the right people, The Artist Development Programme gives you the advice and information that no text book ever will – stuff like Auditions for genuine opportunities, Career Days to help you choose your path, Work Experience so you can get your hand into the industry. Business Plan advice, which will let you make your musical career grow without suffering for your art, an A&R consultancy service that lets you get your work heard and reviewed by the decision makers from the record labels, Demo Reviews that mean your product will get noticed… and that’s just the beginning. We even have classes for those ones who want to specialise in serenades. You will study and learn alongside diverse musicians. Once, one of our musical teachers was surprised for Valentine’s Day with a serenade and unique gift from the students.

    Facilities :

    Examinations :Trinity college of London
    Rockschool London

    Concerts & Events : Annual Concert Vibration

    Recitals: Keyboards/Piano ,Drum ,guitar

    Open Mic : Vocal Competition

    Good Infrastructure and musical equipments.

    Well experienced Teachers and staffs.

    Your service was the best I have taken in my experience, ever. Support staffs were quick and reliable with my issues and excited to work with you guys more. They will improve your website in 15 minutes. Hire the company and follow what they say and your business growth is going to jump like a skyrocket.